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Easier Cinching Every Time

Since its introduction 2002, our Smart Cinch® with patented Roll Snug® technology has been taking the horse world by storm! The extra leverage provided by its unique two-roller buckle design has helped thousands of riders, from recreational to professional, get reliable performance you can count on ride after ride.

With a wide selection for all of the ways you ride, both straight and roper styles of this cinch are available in Mohair Blend, Felt Lined, Neoprene or Rayon.

How It Works
Upon first glance at the one-of-a-kind buckle, you may wonder how to properly cinch up your horse. Once you follow these instructions and see just how easy it is, you'll never go back to a regular buckle again.


Run the latigo under and through the top of the Roll Snug® Buckle then bring it back up through the rigging.


Bring the latigo back down to the Roll Snug® Buckle and feed through the bottom roller. The latigo must be fed around both rollers for optimum performance. If you have a longer latigo, be sure to use the top roller for any additional wraps before feeding through the bottom roller. (the latigo should only wrap around the bottom roller once).


Gently, but firmly, pull the latigo to “snug up” the cinch with ease.


Secure the latigo’s position with the buckle tongue and tie off the latigo.

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