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Committed to Quality Craftsmanship

Known for exceptional quality and performance, Silvertip® Halters are hand-tied by our craftspeople specifically trained in the art of tying rope halters. The finest materials for rot, mildew and abrasion resistance pair with a one-piece construction for halters that are favorites with trainers, clinicians, outfitters, trail riders, working cowboys, and riders from all disciplines.

To meet the needs of riders from all disciplines, there are a variety of Silvertip® halters to suit your lifestyle:


No. 95 Rope Halter
You'll love the medium-firm lay of our most popular rope halter that holds its shape for a variety of different uses. Halter option with a clip makes it easier to fasten with no need to tie a knot. Available with or without a 10' or 12' lead. Construction: 5/16" polypropylene 16-strand diamond braid rope


Big Sky Rope Halter
Specially-constructed from a narrower rope for more control and an exceptional feel, this firm yet supple rope offers a sleeker look than the No. 95 Halter. Perfect for everyday use, you can depend on this versatile design that provides strength, low stretch, and resistance to wear. Construction: 1/4" polyester 16-strand double braid rope


Loping Rope Halter
Combine bitless riding with the versatility of a rope halter for the best of both worlds. Just like the No. 95, this halter is made with the same quality materials but comes with 8' solid braid split reins, making it perfect for training or everyday riding. Construction: 5/16" polypropylene 16-strand diamond braid rope


Four Knot Rope Halter
Encourage your horse to give to pressure and seek release with the two extra knots strategically placed on the noseband of this halter. This is a favorite of top clinicians for use on young or difficult horses. Construction: 1/4" accessory cord


Trailblazer Rope Halter
Conveniently tie your horse on the trail or highline with this narrow, flexible halter that fits in your saddle bag or under a headstall. The attached 12' lead makes the tying easy and is also great for ponying another horse. Construction: 1/4" kernmantle rope halter 5/16" yacht rope lead


Button Rope Halter
The three knots on the end of the crown piece and a small loop on this halter make this a trainer and cowboy favorite. With no knots to tie, adjustment is quick and easy. Construction: 1/4" kernmantle rope

Plus, our selection of leads, mecates, reins and more will be a great addition to your tack room.

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