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Engineered for Your Equine Athlete

Our research and development team went above and beyond to ensure that Prodigy® Athletic Boots were designed just right to ensure a perfect fit and protection for your horse's legs. Built from the finest form-fitting, shock-absorbing memory foam covered in neoprene, these boots help prevent injuries and extend competitive careers. Plus, we added stretchy binding and darted edges for a secure fit and to keep legs free from dirt even under the most demanding riding scenarios.

We worked diligently with many horses and industry professionals to develop this line for the ultimate combination of support, protection and fit. All three play an integral role in a boot’s effectiveness and performance and we didn’t rest until each component was perfect.


Superior Support
Your horse's suspensory ligaments are important pieces of the puzzle that help support the fetlock joint during the stage of the stride that absorbs the weight. With the Dynamic Sling System and secure fit, your horse will have the proper support during strenuous training and competition.


Ultimate Protection
Shock-absorbing, ergonomic neoprene-covered memory foam design allows fetlock and boot to move freely, offering your horse protection from injury.


Perfect Fit
For horses to receive the full benefit from these boots, the fit has to be right. That’s why we perfected the fit on a wide range of horses utilizing feedback from professionals who understand the impact well-designed boots can have on your horse's performance.


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