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Synergy® Contoured F10 Virgin Merino Wool Felt Performance Saddle Pad


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Premium materials, perfect fit and superior shock absorption work together in synergy to provide the ultimate in comfort to you and your horse. Handcrafted from the finest materials, this saddle pad showcases an F10 virgin merino wool liner and EVA sport foam technology. The F10 virgin merino wool liner wicks 20x its weight in moisture, which in turn removes heat, is very soft and elastic and has extremely high tensile strength of 225 PSI, making it the best possible material to have against your horse. A shock-absorbing, ventilated and lightweight material that will not degrade over time, EVA sport foam is compression resistant and has proven orthopedic value for exceptional comfort. Extended length premium oiled top grain wear leathers provide increased pad durability that will serve you well ride after ride. Measures 31" x 32".