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Synergy™ Contoured Barrel


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35-9334 Color
  • -W42Sand/Plum
  • -W43Black/Red Clay
  • -W51Sand/Turquoise
  • -W52Slate/Fuchsia
  • -W53Taupe/Dazzing B
  • -W54Natural/Dark Re
  • -X1Charcoal/Turquo
  • -X2Dark Slate/Oran
  • Moisture wicking wool liner naturally pulls sweat away from your horse's back for even cooling
  • Shock absorbing EVA sport foam rebounds quickly while offering impact-absorbing protection
  • Ventilated and lightweight, the EVA sport foam maximizes airflow for cool performance
  • Contoured shape specifically designed to fit your horse's back
  • Durable design with tightly-woven, rugged 100% wool topper and premium wear leathers that are made to last
  • Measures 32" x 34"