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Spike's Collar, Black


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Parent 7-Charac Length
  • -1111"
  • -1313"
  • -1515"

Constructed of premium quality black bridle leather, this single-ply collar with smoothed and darkened edges will turn heads with its carefully crafted and attractive design of nickel plated over brass spikes and spots. Each Weaver Collar is measured from the middle of the buckle to the second hole from the end. Chrome plated hardware. Measures 3/4" wide.

Collar & Harness Size Chart

XSNeck: 9"
SNeck: 9-13"Girth: 13-20"
MNeck: 13-19"Girth: 16-25"
LNeck: 17-25"Girth: 20-33"
XLNeck: 25-27"